More about Be Wording

  • Made to measure

Each client and each project is different which is why Be Wording emphasises a personal, bespoke service, adapted to the needs of the individual.

  •  Flexibility

I am available outside office hours as well as at weekends. Furthermore working under pressure is not a problem. Deadlines are always discussed with clients at the earliest opportunity with a view to avoiding compromises between quality and turnaround time.

  •  Creativity

Creativity is what allows a translation to be generated which remains close to the source yet gives the illusion of being originally composed in the target language.

  •  Precision

Precision is fundamental when translating. Working with texts requires the ability to grasp the specifics, the best possible knowledge of the domain in question as well as the use of terminology that is correct and perfectly adapted.

  •  Rigour

In the interest of coherence, I use specialised software and generate an exclusive set of terminology for each client that I use during the course of different projects which guarantees a consistent terminology.

  • Mastery of language

Thanks to my literary abilities and the attention that I pay to style, I place great emphasis on working on my texts so that they become more than a mere collection of information.

  • Quality

No text is returned to the client without passing our scrupulous quality control: on completion of the translation work, three stages of proofreading are conducted (in the software, in the final format and on paper).